Ayudas IDAE para Eficiencia Energética

The IDAE (Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving) launches an aid program that aims to facilitate the implementation of energy saving and efficiency measures through the improvement of technology, the acquisition of high efficiency equipment energy, or the implementation of Energy Management Systems.

– Lines of action

Technological improvement of equipment and industrial processes.

– Replacing auxiliary energy consuming systems with others that use high energy efficiency technologies or the best available technology.

– Eligible investment equal to or greater than € 75,000, up to € 6,000,000.

Implementation of Energy Management Systems.

– Actions required at the level of measurement of the energy consumption variables; of elements of regulation and control of process parameters; and of computer systems for the analysis, necessary for the optimal operation of the installation.

– Eligible investment equal to or greater than € 30,000, up to   € 6,000,000.


SMEs or large company whose CNAE 2009 code is between group 07 and 33 (except code 19), or that the actions are carried out by energy service companies.

Investments and required costs

Only investments that are necessary to achieve an improvement in energy efficiency, and that are made in the acquisition of goods or services by the beneficiary of the aid will be considered eligible.

Type and amount of aid

The aid will be made through cash delivery without consideration, being able to reach the following maximum amount: Large company 30%, Medium company 40%, Small company 50%.


Applications may be submitted from May 24 to March 06, 2018, as long as the available budget has not been exhausted or the validity of the program expires.

Help Request

They will be managed by the IDAE and may be co-financed with ERDF funds for the 2014-2020 period, within the Operational Program for Sustainable Growth. All reservations and requests for help will be made at the IDAE electronic headquarters.



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