ESG Module: Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Aware of the commitment acquired by all types of organizations regarding their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategies that entail compliance with sustainability, environment and good governance parameters, the CO2 Smart Tech team has incorporated a new ESG module into our cost|TEM and wi|TEM digitization, monitoring and technical-energy management systems.

The ESG module developed by CO2 Smart Tech allows the automation of the Carbon Footprint calculation, adapting to the needs depending on the type of organization : companies, industries, large tertiary, services, public bodies, … 

The automation of the calculation of the Carbon Footprint includes scopes I, II and III, following the indications of the MITECO (Spain’s Ministry for the Ecological Transition) and the GHG Protocol (accounting and reporting standard for greenhouse gas reduction targets). 

The implementation of the ESG module of our cost|TEM and wi|TEM systems features data collection, analysis and reporting with reports, customizable ratios and indicators, thus enabling reaching ESG and sustainability goals and supporting regulatory compliance and anticipating regulatory trends for all types of organizations.

Taking on these crucial issues can make the difference between taking the lead or your organization falling behind.

Thanks to the ESG module, it is easier to take the most appropriate measures to support initiatives in terms of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.