CO2 Smart Tech, winner of the SEUA – Mindtech Award in the Energy Efficiency category

CO2 Smart Tech, winner of the SEUA – Mindtech Award in the Energy Efficiency category

CO2 Smart Tech has won the “Energy Efficiency Award” category in the SEUA-Mindtech awards for the “Cloud Computing project applied to Integral Energy Management in Industry 4.0” carried out by CIE Galfor, a company belonging to the industrial automotive multinational corporation group CIE Automotive.

The “Energy Efficiency Award” has awarded the project for the environmental management of resources carried out by CIE Galfor with the implementation of our “co2st-TEM” technical-energy management system, which allows detailed monitoring and control of consumption energy, having energy efficiency indicators by product, reference, manufacturing line and work shift, in addition to the total consumption of the plant, strengthening the decision-making capacity in the process of continuous improvement applied to the energy management led to out by CIE Galfor.

The awards ceremony, organized by ASIME (Association of Metallurgical Industries of Galicia), will take place during the Mindtech Gala Dinner on Tuesday, September 10 at the Pazo de los Escudos Hotel (Vigo).

The SEUA-Mindtech awards recognize the most outstanding organizations and companies for their work in fields such as innovation, technology 4.0, energy efficiency and environmental resource management and are organized in collaboration with the StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA), an innovation initiative Open of the European Commission implemented by the Finnova Foundation.

This distinction represents a recognition of the development and innovation effort carried out by CO2 Smart Tech for more than 10 years, which resulted in the development of out “co2st-TEM” system, a comprehensive technical-energy management software that facilitates identification, control and optimization of the factors and indicators related to energy saving and that has become a reference tool in the technical and energy management of all types of industrial facilities and large tertiary sector.

The “co2st-TEM” system has been successfully implemented nationally and internationally in reference companies in different sectors such as: Gestamp, Finsa, Maier, DS Smith Grupo COPO, Marsan, Pescanova, Helios, Grupo Calvo, Canned Isabel, Clavo Food Factory, Fandicosta, CBRE Richard Ellis …

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