Pontegadea relies on CO2 Smart Tech for the implementation of the «co2st-tem» system in the Foster Tower

Pontegadea relies on CO2 Smart Tech for the implementation of the «co2st-tem» system in the Foster Tower

Pontegadea relies again on CO2 Smart Tech for the implementation of its «co2st-tem» energy management system, in one of its most representative buildings.

The energy monitoring of the Foster Tower will allow the management and maintenance team of Pontegadea real-time technical supervision and control of the energy consumption of the general services of the property (electricity, water and gas), as well as that of private parties of the tenants, who can also control their consumption by accessing the system.

This project will allow to obtain the LEED EBOM v4 certification, specifically the EAc5-Advanced Energy Metering and WEc5 Water Metering credits granted by the USGBC US Green Buiding Council, the world’s largest body that certifies the level and the quality of the sustainability of buildings and spaces, evaluating their sustainable strategies according to location, innovation, water consumption, energy efficiency, CO2 footprint, air quality and materials management.

The Foster Tower (2009), also called Cepsa Tower, is located in the Cuatro Torres Business Area Financial Zone of Madrid, it was designed by the prestigious architect Norman Foster, from whom it takes its name, it has an area of ​​108,000 m2 and a height of 248.3 meters, which make it the second tallest building in Spain, only surpassed by the Crystal Tower.

The “co2st-tem” system is an advanced software, which allows the optimization and control of energy consumption, in addition to offering fundamental information on the predictive maintenance of facilities, it is currently implemented in more than 130 installations, highlighting at the level large tertiary, real estate, shopping and leisure centers managed by Pontegadea, CBRE Richard Ellis, Axiare, Cirsa …, at the industrial level: Grupo Calvo, Canned Isabel, Pescanova, Mahou-San Miguel, Gestamp, CIE Automotive, Helios …, have trusted in the service and technology developed by CO2 Smart Tech.

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