Company of Galician (Spain) origin founded in 1989, it is one of the most important dairy companies with factories in Spain and Portugal.

 The company has the certification of Animal Welfare of AENOR, and the Galician certification 100% granted by Ligal (Galician Interprofessional Laboratory of Milk Analysis)

  • Storage Tanks
  • Thermal processes: thermizers, UHTs
  • Packaging lines
  • Cooled water production plant
  • Compressed air system
  • Steam boilers
  • Wastewater treatment plant

Integral Energy Management System Project

  • Integration of company meter by IEC protocol
  • Power consumption points, Modbus communication: compressors, pumps, UHTs, …
Natural gas

Integration of main meter via web service


Integration of compressed air production, pressure and temperature (OPC)


Integration of main meter and distribution to CIPs and process consumptions (M-Bus)


Integration of steam flowmeters, steam pressure (Modbus)


Integration of physical-chemical operating parameters of the wastewater treatment plant (Modbus)


Integration of data from other products through communication with ERP

Thanks to cost|TEM, Leche Celta has an innovative solution that facilitates detailed monitoring and control of consumption, with energy efficiency indicators. These allow the company not only to improve the energy management of each plant but also to make a comparison between them, identifying the most efficient technologies or practices to transfer them to the rest of the plants. In short, Leche Celta has reinforced its decision-making capacity and implemented a process of continuous improvement applied to energy management.

The cost|TEM system has also enabled Leche Celta to obtain the ISO 50001 certification