Conference «Efficient Facilities in Food and Beverage Industries»

Conference «Efficient Facilities in Food and Beverage Industries»

CO2 Smart Tech, is present at the Conference “Efficient Facilities in Food and Beverage Industries”, organized by FIAB (Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries), within the framework of the Training and Technology Transfer Working Group of the Technology Platform Food for Life-Sain .

The food and beverage industry, as the country’s first industrial sector, faces as one of its priority tasks the efficient management of the energy resources available for the performance of its daily work, so that it is sustainable and sustained, at the same time How competitive Throughout the chain, energy consumption is quite high, so that the industry adopts different lines of action that do not stop the growth capacity of the sector, especially small and medium enterprises.

In this area, addressing energy efficiency is one of the objectives in which the sector is already making great efforts, aware of the competitive advantages that reducing energy consumption would entail for the company and the environment with which it directly operates. .

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