Engineering and Technology Company, dedicated to the development of advanced solutions in the field of energy management and efficiency, developing all phases of engineering, integration of equipment and multi-manufacturer systems, implementation and commissioning of our solutions.


CO2 Smart Tech is formed by a large multidisciplinary team , where industrial engineers, scientists and computer engineers work together to create the most advanced technological solutions in industrial monitoring, control and energy efficiency, as well as new developments that our customers demand from us.


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We adapt to customer needs, taking part, if so required, in every phase of the project, starting with its definition. We prioritize the re-use of existing equipment, install new equipment if needed, setup up communications and commission the system. Our solutions get implemented in a matter of days.


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Our cross-cutting and versatile technology allows us to adapt to the processes of organizations from any sector, such as industry, grand tertiary, public administration and multi-site companies. Thanks to this experience, we provide a wide range of applied knowledge to offer a custom technical solution in each case.


Since 2010 our technology has been successfully implemented in reknowed national and international firms in the industrial sector (automotive, food, dairy, plastics, …) and large building management (shopping centers, casinos, hotels, leisure centers, …).


As a solution of the Industry 4.0 & Smart Grids, in the development of our systems we use the most advanced technology, offering solutions in the cloud (local or external), whose management and storage of information are based on Big Data algorithms.

Our R+D+I team works on the continuous development of our systems, in a firm commitment to continuous improvement applied to energy efficiency, improving the user experience to obtain the best results.



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SEUA-Mindtech Awards. Energy Efficiency Award. Recognition of the effective management of your energy resources for the implementation of a system for monitoring and energy management in the CIE-Galfor plant.

Premios TIC Galicia 2018. Finalista Premio a la Innovación

Premio Emprendedor 2015 (Asociación Nacional de Ingenieros de ICAI)

Premio Galicia de Telecomunicaciones y Sociedad de Información 2015 a la “Mejor Iniciativa Empresarial en el sector TIC” (COETG-AETG)

Premio Galicia de Energía 2014 al “Mejor Proyecto Emprendedor” (Asociación/ Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Industriales de Galicia (AIIG y ICOIIG)